Wendy Sue Lamm: Från undrens land

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The Swedish edition of From the Land of Miracles, which reflects on the fragile balance between peace and war on the daily life of Israelis and Palestinians.

Wendy Sue Lamm does not hide the wounds of the everyday reality born of conflict. She juxtaposes attacks and retaliations with delicate, bittersweet ironies. After years in Jerusalem photographing Israelis and Palestinians, Wendy Sue Lamm has become one of the most sincere visual interpreters of the Land of Miracles. The images are photographed 1995-2004.

The book also includes an extensive Chronology ranging from 8500 BC to the present day.

This work is Wendy Sue Lamm's first book.

50 color images • Foreword by Wendy Sue Lamm and Arthur Miller • Epilogue by Emile Habiby • Translation to Swedish: Einar Heckscher • Editors: Roberto Koch, Allessandro Mauro, Gösta Flemming • Design: Guido Scarabottolo • Co-published with Contrasto, Rome, Italy • Hard cover • 170 • x 230 mm • 144 pages • Swedish • 2005
Shortlisted for the Swedish Photobook/Best Photobook Award 2005.