Kicki Lundgren: 500 – 5 mph

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Sara Hallén takes on her helmet and starts “Ninja”, which she calls her Kawasaki motorcycle. There ends Sara's memory from April 2, 1996. The day overturned her existence in less than a second. She doesn’t remember that she was hit by a car. The collision is instant. Sara flies over the car, lands on the tarmac, and is then run over by the vehicle.

The book is about Sara's two lives, the one she lived before the accident and how it turned out afterwards – but most of all it depict her courage to be visible and live fully. Photographer Kicki Lundgren has followed Sara Hallén for two years. Journalist Lotta Frithiof has written the text based on Saras own story.

Before the accident Sara worked as a pilot instructor. The title of the book, 500–5 MPH, refers to the difference in speed between flying and cycling. 

35 color images • Text by Lotta Frithiof • Translation to English: Maria Morris • Layout and design: Patric Leo • Editor: Gösta Flemming • Hard cover • 220 x 295 mm • 72 pages • Swedish/English • 2018