Kent Klich: Picture Imperfect

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Picture Imperfect presents a life-sized portrait of Beth R, her immense fear of pain, and the cry for a love that her parents never had the means to give. The book is a product of more than 20 years of friendship and collaboration between Beth and the photographer Kent Klich. He has retreated within his professional role; she has become a co-writer, driven by defenseless sincerity. Their story is a boundary breaking documentary, enclosing a human life.

115 b/w and color images • Afterword by Fred Ritchin • Text by Kim Fupz Aakeson and Kent Klich • Text translation: Einar Heckscher, Sören Holm, Gösta Flemming, Ulrika Jakobsson • Editor: Gösta Flemming • Design: Tina Enghoff • Included in the book is a DVD with Beth's Diary/Beths dagbog by Beth R, Mikala Krogh and Kent Klich • Flexband • 176 x 236 mm • 178 pages • English/Swedish • 2007

Selected for the exhibition Tell Me Your Truth, Panoràmic film and photo festival, Granollers, Barcelona, Spain 2020.

Winner of Swedish Photobook Award 2009.

The film Beth's Diary/Beths dagbog awarded Best Short Documentary Film at Cph:fox, Copenhagen Documentary Film Festival, 2006.