Kent Klich: El Niño – En berättelse om gatubarn i Mexico City

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The Swedish edition of Kent Klich’s book on Mexican street children, with photographs taken 1986-96.

“Manuel Cappelin, chairman of Casa Allianza says, ‘Ten kids arrive daily in Mexico City. Sixty percent of the children come from the country. The remaining 40 percent were born here; sons and daughters of a new generation, their parents arrived fifteen years or more ago on buses, trains and trailers. Many didn’t go any further. They stayed in the train stations, in the Central de Abastos market. Five out of ten kids are engulfed by the street and end up living in the Metro’s ventilation systems, sewers, caves, on construction sites, in abandoned houses in which thirty and even forty share two rooms. They also sleep on top of bus stops covered with newspapers and an occasional blanket.’” / From Elena Poniatowska's epilogue

76 b/w images • Epilogue by Elena Poniatowska • Text by Kent Klich • Translation to Swedish: Eva Sjöblom • Editor: Gösta Flemming • Layout: Tina Enghoff, Kent Klich • Design: Tina Enghoff • Co-published with Syracuse University Press (English/Spanish language edition; editor: Fred Ritchin) and Tiderne skifter (Danish language edition; editor: Claus Clausen) • Hardcover • 250 mm x 335 mm • 168 pages • Swedish • 1999

Winner of the Swedish Photobook/Best Photobook Award 1999.

Diploma in Swedish Book Art 1999 at the National Library of Sweden.

Selected for Hasselblad Center’s exhibition Published – Photo Books in Sweden, Gothenburg Museum of Art 2018.