Karl Henrik Edlund: Bright Hours

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Bright Hours refers to something past – an uncertain place that does not exist, something fragile and indefinite. The project, which started in 2008, is based on journeys to the Arctic North, Kola Peninsula and Nenets Autonomous Okrug in northwest Russia. The book also contains photographs from other places, like Saint Petersburg and the Åland islands. / Karl Henrik Edlund

“Without doubt the best Finnish photobook published 2016.” / Helen Korpak

51 b/w and color images • Text by Karl Henrik Edlund • Translation to English: Maria Morris • Editing and design: Karl Henrik Edlund, Gösta Flemming • Hard cover • 245 x 284 mm • 102 pages • English/Swedish • 2016

Shortlisted for the Finnish Photobook Award 2017.

Selected for Hasselblad Center’s exhibition Published – Photo Books in Sweden, Gothenburg Museum of Art 2018.