Therése Olsson: Meandering

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“The river is alive in its presence. Rushing by,
like a constant journey. Through me.”

Meandering, Therése Olsson’s debut book, is a story about motherhood and a sense of belonging to a childhood country by the river Klarälven in Värmland in Sweden. A journey between the past and the present. Personal roots become intertwined with the magnificent countryside, exploring how a landscape can invite recognition and affinity and at the same time make the individual feel small and lonely in the encounter with the huge echo presented by nature.

63 color and b/w images • Text: Therése Olsson • Translation to English: Maria Morris • Editing and design: Therése Olsson, Gösta Flemming • Hard cover •  150 x 223  mm • 120 pages • Swedish/English • ISBN 978-91-87939-50-1 • 2020