Johan Sundgren: On the Threshold

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I think of the shop keeper who pointed out the bullet holes in the wall by his small souvenir shop at Atatürk airport where terrorists had shot dead 48 people. And the taxi driver who showed me pictures on his mobile phone of his colleagues shattered taxi, from the same terrorist attack.

2012-17 was a turbulent and violent period in Istanbul and it permeates On The Threshold.

An awareness of the unpredictable violence and vulnerability was constantly present on the tram, in the queue for the bus, and as I walked around in the city. I felt a kind of expectant irritation and inner anxiety within the streets fluttering glances. 

/Johan Sundgren

46 b/w and red coloured images • Afterword by Ülkü Holago • Translation to English: Maria Morris • Editing and design: Gösta Flemming and Johan Sundgren • Hard cover • 140 x 190 mm • 100 pages • English/Turkish/Swedish • 2019