Johan Sundgren: Limbo (signed)

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I came to Mexico in the 90s to study photography and to be inspired by the country's fine photographic and artistic tradition. Since then I have returned frequently but with a growing concern about the changing situation in the country – depending on the economic and social inequality, ruthless drug cartels and corrupt police and military. The fear that slowly spreads passivates and paralyzes. My friends choose not to travel and move around as before. Mexico is balancing between explosiveness and the tyranny of silence. / Johan Sundgren

57 b/w images • Afterword by Lars Palmgren • Translation to English: Maria Morris and to Spanish: Maria Dolores Bordera • Design and editing: Gösta Flemming • Hard cover • 210 x 286 mm • 124 pages • English/Spanish/Swedish • 2016

Shortlisted for Photo España’s Best Photobook Prize 2016, Spain.