Simon Johansson: Across the Bridge

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The sound of the Öland Bridge expansion joints against the tyres. The first years, when the bridge was new, islanders would come out in droves along the road to look at the invasion of the mainlanders. They don’t anymore. Apart from that most things have kept the same, time runs slower here. I see friendship, happiness, love, a breakup and a sorrow. There is so much ugliness here. So much beauty. / Simon Johansson

Across the Bridge is Swedish photographer Simon Johansson's first book.

“I like Simon Johansson’s tone and approach; in the pictures there is sensitivity, presence and a beautiful, Nordic melancholy.” / Martin Bogren

“As unsentimental as it is tenderly beautiful. Pictures that depict a fragile everyday life in Sweden. I like it.” / Åsa Sjöström
“The best that I have seen lately is Simon Johansson’s pictures from Öland. They have a nice feeling and an open attitude.” / Micke Berg
“To approach what is there every day, what you feel and are so naturally a part of – that takes courage and a particularly prestigeless attitude. Simon Johansson shows this in his book. More than that, he does it well.” / JH Engström

56 b/w images • Text by Simon Johansson • Translation to English: Emma Gray Munthe, Anders Foghagen • Editing, layout, design: Gösta Flemming, Simon Johansson • Hard cover • 220 x 250 mm • 108 pages • English/Swedish • 2016

Awarded Bronze in the Book/Documentary category, Moscow International Foto Awards 2022.

Awarded Gold in the Book/Documentary category and 2nd place in the Book category, PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2021.