Richard Pak: Pursuit

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A collection of photographs taken 2003-09 over much of the United States.

The title, Pursuit, echoes the Declaration of Independence of the U.S. refering to the right of everyone to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. The scope to which the author has chosen to focus is double with one side of the American middle class that lives the American dream and the other left behind who aspire to this account same ideal, but without ever reaching it. In parallel to the photographic series the author has transcribed his account of his meetings.

By confronting his imagination and experience, Richard Pak turns to the field of fiction to deliver a vision that is both cynical and full of empathy for one idealized country.

66 color images • Text by Richard Pak • Translation: Julia Mc Laren, Richard Pak • Editing and design: Gösta Flemming, Richard Pak • Co-published with Filigranes Editions, Paris (French edition) • Hard cover • 165 x 232 mm • 140 pages • English • 2012