Per Hanstorp: Spring Signs

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For more than ten years Swedish photographer Per Hanstorp has focused on the last remnants of winter, the dirty snow heaps that finally disappear the brighter the spring sun shines. 

In her afterword landscape architect Monika Levan writes: “Not so many years ago, there were fewer snow heaps in Swedish cities. The snow was ploughed straight into canals, lakes and watercourses, thus solving the problem of accessibility and obstacles in the cityscape. In pace with increasing traffic and awareness of how the environment is affected by pollution from our streets, the authorities have become stricter in their regulations on how and where snow is deposited. Dumping snow now requires special permission from a County Administrative Board. Snow is classed as waste.”

Probably the first book ever on snow heaps!

61 color images • Text by Monika Levan • Translation to English: Maria Morris • Editing: Ola Carlson, Gösta Flemming, Per Hanstorp • Design: Ola Carlson • Hard cover • 280 x 210 mm • 88 pages •  Swedish/English • 2018