Margot Wallard: My Brother Guillaume and Sonia

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I started taking pictures of my brother Guillaume and his partner Sonia in 2008; both living behind closed doors with the alcohol addiction. In this closed doors where I found my place and felt good, I photographed their relationship, the intimate moments, happy or unhappy, that I share with them.
Unfortunately reality quickly gained the upper hand, and its place between us. They both died. At no moment did I ever think about the end. Strangely, I considered them indestructible. This book is an homage and a testimony of their love and of my love for them. / Margot Wallard

My Brother Guillaume and Sonia is her first book.

90 color and B/w images • Text by Margot Wallard • Translation to English: Martin Beilby, Laurence Pritchard • Editing and design: Gösta Flemming, Margot Wallard • Title of the French edition: Mon frére Guillaume et Sonia • Hard cover • 205 x 255 mm • 132 pages • Two editions: English and French • 2013