Henrik Saxgren: Pylonia

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From December 1998 to March 2000, photographer Henrik Saxgren followed the construction of the almost 16 kilometer long link that connects Copenhagen in Denmark with Malmö in Sweden. Of these 7 845 m is the Öresund Bridge. Pylonia is a name he coined for the society that grew up from the ocean between Malmö and Copenhagen – a land of steel and concrete.

Klaus Rifbjerg writes in his forword: “The mental bridge is at least as important as the one of concrete and steel, and it is interesting (and encouraging) to follow Henrik Saxgren’s description of how the bridge came about, because he has a sense for its spiritual or metaphysical dimension. In other words, he has an ability to see what is beautiful in repugnant, to create a fusion of elements that cannot really be united.’’

The book also includes a text with facts on the construction of the bridge and a Chronology ranging from 1991, when the Danish and Swedish governments executed an agreement to establish a fixed link across the Öresund strait, to 2000, when it opened.

94 b/w and color panorama images • Foreword by Klaus Rifbjerg • Translation: Bo Rudin, Russell L. Dees • Editor: Gösta Flemming • Design and layout: Greger Ulf Nilson • Co-published with Gyldendal, Copenhagen, Denmark. A special edition produced for the Öresund Bridge Consortium • Hard cover with dust jacket • 345 x 210 mm • 112 pages • Swedish/Danish/English • 2000 

Shortlisted for the Swedish Photobook/Best Photobook Award 2000.

Diploma in Guldägget (The Golden Egg Award), Sweden 2000.