Hendrik Zeitler: The Chosen Ones (signed)

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There is nothing so expressive as the eyes of animals … which seem objectively to mourn that they are not human. / Theodor W. Adorno

In her afterword, Camilla Flodin comments: “Is it really the animals who mourn that they are not human? Or is it in fact we who are mourning, or should be mourning, that we are not yet human, that we are not human enough? Is this perhaps what Adorno is implying with his wording: that animals mourn that they are not human because we humans always impress the difference between us and them upon them, and turn this difference into something that is to the animals’ disadvantage.”

19 b/w and color images • Afterword by Camilla Flodin • Translation to English: Camilla Flodin • Design and editing: Gösta Flemming • Hard cover • 300 x 365 mm • 40 pages • English/Swedish • 2016 

Diploma in Swedish Book Art 2016 at the National Library of Sweden.