Hendrik Zeitler: 424 – Images from Hammarkullen Angered

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For more than a decade photographer Hendrik Zeitler has photographed his living environment in Hammarkullen, a suburb of Göteborg in Sweden.

Göran Greider, journalist, author and poet, writes: “Hammarkullen has a kind of notoriety in Sweden. It is one of those suburban names that frame the one-sided image of what a Million Program suburb is. But when the forest, the trails, the trees, the magpie nests get to take part they open other views into Hammarkullen and make the place more real. I see a big, friendly, green hand that holds little Hammarkullen like a child.”

126 color images • Text by Göran Greider • Translation to English: Ea ten Kate • Design and editing: Gösta Flemming • Hard cover • 300 x 145 mm • 164 pages • 10 gatefold spreads • Swedish/English • 2014

Diploma in Swedish Book Art 2014 at the National Library of Sweden.