Helge Skodvin: 240 Landscapes

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More than any other car, the Volvo 240 became a symbol of Scandinavian and Nordic values. The safe, the sound, the commonplace. Square and homely, yet solid and reliable. Function over form. No frills. Taking you from A to Z. A car. An ambassador for the Scandinavian social democracy.
Helge Skodvin has spotted Volvo 240:s still chugging around Norwegian roads.

This book of landscapes featuring the famous Volvo 240 is a real gem. Sometimes the car is up front, sometimes you have to really search for it, and the great thing is no other car manages to get in the photo. The funniest landscape book I have ever seen.” – Martin Parr

77 color images • Afterword by Bjørn Hatterud • Translation to English: Sean Kinsella and to Swedish: Gösta Flemming • Editor: Gösta Flemming • Design: Aslak Gurholt • Hard cover • 280 x 235 mm • 160 pages • Two editions: Norwegian/English and Swedish/English • 4 cover colors, Norwegian/English: apricot or mint green, Swedish/English: blue or yellow • 2015

Selected in Photo-eye's annual survey of the Best Books of 2015.

Diploma in Grafill's Beautiful Books Award 2016, Norway.

Included in Best Photobooks Kassel 2016 – the experts selection, Germany.

Shortlisted for Photo España’s Best Photobook Prize 2016 , Spain.