Helge Skodvin: 240 Landscapes

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More than any other car, the Volvo 240 became a symbol of Scandinavian and Nordic values. The safe, the sound, the commonplace. Square and homely, yet solid and reliable. Function over form. No frills. Taking you from A to Z. A car. An ambassador for the Scandinavian social democracy.
Helge Skodvin has spotted Volvo 240:s still chugging around Norwegian roads.

77 color images • Afterword by Bjørn Hatterud • Translation to English: Sean Kinsella and to Swedish: Gösta Flemming • Editor: Gösta Flemming • Design: Aslak Gurholt • Hard cover • 280 x 235 mm • 160 pages • Two editions: Norwegian/English and Swedish/English • 4 cover colors, Norwegian/English: apricot or mint green, Swedish/English: blue or yellow • 2015

Selected in Photo-eye's annual survey of the Best Books of 2015.
Diploma in Grafill's Beautiful Books Award 2016, Norway.
Included in Best Photobooks Kassel 2016 – the experts selection, Germany.
Shortlisted for Photo España’s Best Photobook Prize 2016 , Spain.