Hans Strand/Rolf Edberg: And the Sea Never Rests – A Story on the Life Cycle of Water

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"The sea was born when the first drop in a downpour remained somewhere on a prehistoric rock. It was at that moment that the planet Tellus became a water planet, the only one in the solar system.

There will never be more than the 1.4 billion cubic kilometers of water that were spilled over the globe on that occasion. Neither will there be less.

The rain that falls today was still ocean two weeks ago."

These are the words of Swedish author Rolf Edberg (1912-97). With his considerable knowledge, he writes about the world's water which we all must take care of.

Hans Strand's photographs are the result of many years wandering through the Scandinavian landscape. He has followed the water's course from mountain tops through creeks, rivers, lakes and out into the Gulf of Bothnia, Kattegat and Skagerrak.

73 color images • Text by Rolf Edberg •Translation to English: Michael Cooper • Editor: Gösta Flemming • Design: Hans-Henrik Dyrved • Hard cover with dust jacket 270 • x 290 mm •  126 pages • Two editions: Swedish and English • 1995