Göran Odbratt/Lars Tunbjörk: Dom alla – reflektioner om socialt arbete

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“The responsibility you take for both your own and the other's humanity in the concrete situation is the truly critical measure of the representative shaped public roles in society. All human values – justice, morality and ethics – relate ultimately to the presence of human faces. If these are missing, obscured, distorted or manipulated there is no personal responsibility for what happens in the situation, society and the world. "
For Dom alla – reflektioner om socialt arbete (Them all – reflections on Social Work) the author Göran Odbratt and photographer Lars Tunbjörk have made repeated visits to some Swedish municipalities. They have visited the social welfare offices and other environments and activities that aims to support people opportunities for a good life in the community.
All text in Swedish.

80 color images • Editor: Gösta Flemming • Design: Greger Ulf Nilson • Soft cover with flaps • 160 x 223 mm • 314 pages • Swedish • 2003

Diploma in Swedish Book Art 2003 at the National Library of Sweden.
Shortlisted for the Swedish Photobook/Best Photobook 2005.