Erik Östensson: Jag ska ta hand om dig / I will take care of you

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This work has followed me for a long time. After graduating in New York, I started taking an interest in the relationship between my peers and their parents as well as my own relationship with my own parents. We felt that it was important to make our own choices and saw us as independent. But despite this, it was impossible not to relate to our parents. I felt like all the choices we made in one way or another was based on them even if we did something they did not like. / Erik Östensson

The work is photographed with a 4x5" large format camera.

Jag ska ta hand om dig / I will take care of you is Erik Östensson's first book.

42 color images • Text by Erik Östensson • Translation to English: Lind Schenk • Editing: Erik Östensson, Gösta Flemming, Matilda Flodmark • Design: Matilda Flodmark • Hard cover with bellyband • 136 x 200 mm • 86 pages • 11 fold-outs • Swedish/English • 2012