Christer Ehrling: Asphalt Telegraph

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The subject is hot rodders in USA, Scandinavia and Germany. Among the faces you may recognize Rudy Rodriguez, Keith Weesner, Marky Idzardi amongst others. Others aren't as famous, I believe they are just as important. The focus is on the world of customs and traditional hot rods, throughout. / Christer Ehrling

The pictures are photographed 2004-10.

Asphalt Telegraph is Christer Ehrling's first book.

37 b/w images • Text by Mark Morton and Harald Gatu • Translation to Swedish: Einar Heckscher and to English: Linda Schenk • Editing: Gösta Flemming • Design: Johan Lindberg • Hardcover • 237 x 290 mm • 76 pages • English/Swedish • 2011