Björn Larsson: A Year in Sweden

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More than 100 photographs of vandalized car wrecks pass through in Björn Larsson’s new book with the subtitle “Joyrides, Car Fires and Places of Slaughter”. Abandoned, they stand in the middle of the city or on solitary country roads, handed over to spare parts pickers and as relics of an industrial era in transformation.

The pictures are the result of Björn Larsson having the Egyptian hand colorist Maha Kamel freely read and color his black and white photographs. The result is special.

The title of the book is also a truth with modification. The pictures are taken 1999-2016 but in the book presented seasonally, 

A separate folded poster, 660 x 940 mm, showing all the b/w images before they were hand-coloured, comes with the book. 

108 hand-coloured photographs • Text and photo by Björn Larsson • Translation: Maha Kamel (colour), Emily Berry Mennerdahl (English), Hamdi Hassan (Arabic), Sookyoung Huh (Korean) • Design: Sebastian Wadsted • Editor: Gösta Flemming • Soft plastic cover • 298 x 240 mm • 224 pages • Swedish/English/Arabic/Korean • 2019

Diploma in Swedish Book Art 2018 at the National Library of Sweden.

Selected for The Photobook Exhibition, Athens Photo Festival 2019, Greece.