Adrian Øhrn Johansen: Grenseeksaminasjon / Gränsundersökning / Border Inspection 2021 (signed)

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During the coronavirus pandemic in the winter of 2021, photographer Adrian Øhrn Johansen traveled along the border between Norway and Sweden to document closed crossings. The 1,630 kilometers long border has remained unchanged since 1751 and is the oldest and longest between two countries in Europe. In the book's afterword, journalist and author Odd Inge Skjævesland puts the border in an historical context.

62 color images • Text by Adrian Øhrn Johansen and Odd Inge Skjævesland • Translation to Swedish: Gösta Flemming, to English: Maria Morris • Editing: Gösta Flemming and Adrian Øhrn Johansen • Design: Gösta Flemming • Soft cover + slip case • 205 x 325 mm • 108 pages • Norwegian/Swedish/English • ISBN 978-91-87939-60-0 • 2021

Awarded Gold in the category “Artists' Books”, Årets vakreste Bøker (This Year's Most Beautiful Books) in Norway 2022. The jury's comment:

“The book documents in a simple but striking way the extraordinary situation with the closed border between Norway and Sweden in the long pandemic year 2020–2021. The book consists of photographs of the border crossings between the two countries taken from the Norwegian side. Warning signs and other signboards draw attention to the separation through the otherwise invisible border. The format, the material, the ‘semantic’ binding and the unpretentious typography contribute to the project's perfection.”