Anthology: Da Capo

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Da capo is a snapshot of Sweden. More than 40 photographers' joint portraiture of a country caught up in the age of globalization. What these pictures have in common is that they have all been published in the union magazine Dagens Arbete.
On the pages the photos receive a second chance to meet a new public. In a new context, because of their strengths as just what they are – photos. This is Da capo – one more time.

The photographers are: Fredric Alm, Lars Ardarve, Elin Berge, Albin Biblom, Leif Claesson, Elena Darouze, Håkan Elofsson, Joakim Eneroth, JH Engström, Charlotte von Friedrich, Hans Gedda, Maria Grandelius, Lena Granefelt, Kenneth Gunnarsson, Rolf Hamilton, Jörgen Hildebrandt, Pieter ten Hoopen, Anna Rut Höglund, Lena Johansson, Per-Anders Jörgensen, Thomas Karlsson, Kent Klich, Nina Korhonen, Anders Kristensson, Pelle Kronestedt, Oskar Kullander, Jens Olof Lasthein, Rikard Laving, Jenny Leyman, Maria Liljeblad, Gunilla Lundström, Micke Lundström, Sara Mac Key, Tora Mårtens, Andreas Nilsson, Therese Nyström, Hasse Persson, Anders Petersen, Mats Petersson, Anders Rising, Daniel Roos, Henrik Rosenqvist, Rudolf Södergran, Lars Tunbjörk, Lars Wallsten, Albert Wiking, Thomas Wågström, Mikael Örstedholm and Brutus Östling.   

118 b/w and color images • Foreword by Anders Paulrud • Afterword by Göran Widerberg • Translation to English: Annie Froude • Editing and photo selection: Tina Enghoff, Gösta Flemming, Göran Widerberg • Design: Tina Enghoff • Co-published with Dagens Arbete • Hardcover with dust jacket • 230 x 310 mm • 192 pages • Two editions: Swedish and English • 2007

Diploma in Swedish Book Art 2007 at the National Library of Sweden.