Hendrik Zeitler: A Place of One’s Own

In his first book Swedish-German photographer Hendrik Zeitler has followed the three political co-ops on Norway and Sweden between 2004 and 2009, Blitz, Ya Basta and Kvarnis. A Place of One's Own is a socio-political study of how these kinds of alternative houses have become free zones for different political movements and debates. He also traces a kind of iconography and aesthetics that are born in these collectives. There is a certain life style, fashion and interiors surrounding them.
A Place of One’s Own is Hendrik Zeitler's first book.

82 color images • Foreword by Ana Betancour • Text translations and proof-reading: Hendrik Zeitler, Linda Hofvander, Elisabeth Nilsson, Roswitha Zeitler • Editing: Gösta Flemming • Design: Jonas Lindblad
Hardcover • 345 x 280 mm • 156 pages • English/German/Swedish • 2011

Shortlisted for Swedish Photobook Prize 2011.

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